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Samsung Galaxy S10’s fingerprint sensor gets fooled by 3D printed fingerprint

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Samsung Galaxy S10's fingerprint sensor gets fooled by 3D printed fingerprint

In recent years, most of the smartphone manufacturers have been implementing advanced features for users to secure their devices, using face mapping, fingerprint readers and even sensors that map out the blood veins in the user’s palm. However, there are still ways to get around such measures, and one user found that he could try fooling the in-display fingerprint reader on his Samsung Galaxy S10 with a 3D print of his fingerprint.

In an Imgur post, a user named darkshark outlined his project. He took a picture of his fingerprint on a wineglass and processed it in Photoshop. He then made a model using 3ds Max that allowed him to extrude the lines in the picture to a 3D version. After a 13-minute print and three attempts with some tweaks, he was successfully able to print out a version of his fingerprint that fooled the phone’s sensor.

The Galaxy S10’s fingerprint sensor does not rely on a capacitive fingerprint scanner that’s been used in other versions of the phone. However, it instead uses an ultrasonic sensor that is apparently more difficult to spoof, but darkshark points out that it didn’t take much to spoof his own fingerprint. He noted a concern that the payment and banking apps are increasingly using the authentication from a fingerprint sensor to unlock, and all he required to get into his phone was a photograph, a software, and a 3D printer.

He wrote that he can do this entire process in less than 3 minutes and remotely start the 3d print so that it is done by the time he gets to it.

This isn’t the first time that someone has found a way to get around a phone’s sensors. Police officers had used a 3D print in 2016 to get into a murder victim’s phone. In 2017, a cybersecurity firm used a $150 face mask to beat Apple’s FaceID on an iPhone X.

So fingerprints aren’t as secure as you would think as they can get stolen and spoofed even on the most advanced phones.

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