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Very little luck for Celtics in tiebreakers for the 2019 NBA Draft

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Very little luck for Celtics in tiebreakers for the 2019 NBA Draft

The NBA broke ties for the 2019 NBA Draft between the teams having the same record. There were a total of seven ties to be broken.  Four of them were impacting the Boston Celtics. It should be noted that for picks 1-14, this is a pre-NBA Draft Lottery. The NBA Draft Lottery will take place on May 14th. This year’s lottery will determine the top four picks in the 2019 NBA Draft, under the new rules.

The most significant tiebreaker for Boston involved picks 7-9. The tiebreaker involved the pick the Celtics are owed from the Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizzlies pick ultimately landed at the #8 pre-lottery. This is as high as the pick can be without conveying to Boston this year. The Grizzlies will get the pick if it lands 1-8. In that case, #9 or later will convey to the Celtics. Boston is on the record as not wanting that pick this year. It rolls over to top-6 protected for 2020 and then unprotected completely for 2021. With Memphis looking as if they are kicking off a rebuild, that pick should hold much more value in future years than in the year 2019.

This wasn’t a great day for the Celtics overall, as they lost three out of the four tiebreakers they were involved in and the Memphis went only partially their way.

Should the lottery hold to form, Boston will have the following picks in the 2019 NBA Draft:

#14 (via Sacramento)

#20 (via LA Clippers)



Make sure you watch the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday, May 14th.  There is still lots to be decided for exactly where the Kings pick and Grizzlies pick will land.

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