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Medical use of marijuana in schools, cannabis testing bills advance

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Medical use of marijuana in schools, cannabis testing bills advance

A proposal to allow parents to administer limited forms of marijuana to their children in the school property has passed the state Senate. Along with it a proposal for new marijuana testing rules has also been passed.

Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers described the school bill as something which is aimed at students that need medical marijuana for relief from chronic illnesses. The bill would also allow marijuana-infused products. However, it specifically bans smoking pot and products high in the psychoactive chemical THC.

Lawmakers instead said that the bill was oriented towards allowing marijuana bred for its medicinal properties, which includes strains high in the non-intoxicating chemical CBD.

Republican Sen. Ann Rivers, of La Center, said THC is what recreational users use to get high and one could eat CBD all day long and never cop a buzz.

Both CBD and THC are present in varying amounts in most cannabis. However, unlike recreational marijuana, most of the medical strains of the plant are bred to have little or no psychoactive chemical THC.

Having parents administer the drug keeps the school officials including the nurses completely out of the equation, a response to questions over liability or licensure.

The bill also contains a trigger clause that would completely suspend the new rules if federal officials threaten schools’ funding over the issue.

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