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Apple Could Launch A Refreshed 4.7-inch iPhone 8 in March Next Year

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Apple Could Launch Refreshed 4.7-inch iPhone 8 in March 2020
The refreshed iPhone 8 will continue to sport a 4.7-inch LCD display but will come with upgraded internals. This will include 128GB of storage, an A13 chip, and a single camera at the rear. The company is expected to manufacture around 20 million units of the new iPhone 8 variant. It is reported that the phone would carry a price tag of $649.

It is not yet clear if this refreshed 4.7-inch iPhone will sport Face ID or Touch ID and retain the design language of the current iPhone 8 or not.

With an aggressive price point, the refreshed 4.7-inch iPhone with upgraded internals will definitely attract a lot of consumers. The iPhone SE has continued to do really well when it comes to sale and sells out within seconds of going up for sale on Apple’s clearance store. This is despite small phones being out of fashion.

The aggressive price point will also make sure that the refreshed iPhone 8 does not eat into the sales of Apple’s iPhone XS and XR series.

The iPhone 8 was the last iPhone from Apple. with a 4.7-inch display. iPhone screen sizes have jumped substantially since then. Thanks to Apple switching to a bezel-less design. The iPhone X/XS with its 5.8-inch OLED display is the new 4.7-inch iPhone in the current lineup of iPhones. However, they are still too big for many. Inspite of the the lack of bezels, it is not possible to reach the top edge of the display on the iPhone X/XS without the need to readjust one’s grip. This is something which is possible on the smaller iPhone 8 and iPhone SE.

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