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Lakers Not To Negotiate Trade Date for Anthony Davis Initial Agreement with Pelicans

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Lakers Not To Negotiate Trade Date for Anthony Davis Initial Agreement with Pelicans

The Lakers and Pelicans are all set to complete the negotiation of Anthony Davis to switch teams on the 6thof July. This trade being made before 30th of July shows that the No. 4 pick is likely to be traded as a signed player, and a loss of cap space for the Lakers.

The later trade could afford the Lakers a $33 million cap room, and then time to execute a deal with Davis acquiring his trade bonus of $4, 063,953. With an earlier trade, Davis was intent on receiving his trade bonus, and the Lakers would be projected to have a cap room of only $24 million.

The difference of $9 million prevents the Lakers getting a free agent or spending power for role players. The Lakers completely understood the consequences of finalising the trade on 6th of July. However, it takes both teams to agree, and New Orleans who would have faced complication on flipping the No. 4 pick, which would not have gotten him into the summer league, and would also keep their cap space tied up in July if the trade is not done later.

Ramona Shelburne said on the move that the Lakers, if this was their plan, to have a third star, the conversation with the Pelicans should have included it.

It is still not too late for the Lakers to utilize maximum cap space and also acquire Davis. They are suspected of struggling to include players like Wagner, Isaac Bonga and Jemerrio Jones this season. However, all these players have positive and negative values. The Lakers will be surrendering more in this trade if positive value is attributed to these players. Sweeteners will have to be thrown into the trade if negative value is attributed.

This could be worth it as a team with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, along with another star player will make the Lakers a contender for the championship next season. If the Lakers handled this deal better, a stronger position could be expected and more star players could be added, with good supporting casts in attendance.

Another prediction was that the Pelicans would have refused the Lakers request to deal the trade on 30th of July initially itself. Considering the massive haul, though, the Pelicans would have conformed had the Lakers pushed on it. Additional assets may have been lost in the deal then. Now, the Lakers have lost leverage by waiting to agree to the terms of the Pelicans, making their desperation show, and an opportunity to be taken advantage of by other teams, like the Pelicans, has opened up.

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