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Not enough votes as New York Marijuana Legalization bill dead for now

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Not enough votes as New York Marijuana Legalization bill dead for now

You wouldn’t be able to purchase marijuana legally in New York as the lawmakers in New York State abandoned a bill to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana for adults and said they would instead focus on further decriminalizing the drug.

In a Statement, Gov. Cuomo said the Senate confirmed it did not have the votes to move forward with legalization on Wednesday, the end of lawmaking session.

“This is not the end of the road, it is just a delay,” Democratic State Sen. Liz Krueger said in a statement. Key lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office had been working behind the scenes on a last-ditch effort to get measure passed.

Current medical marijuana laws in New York only allow for extracts that can be vaped or swallowed, but lawmakers are considering allowing the legalization of the plant itself for smoking, sources say.

Registered operators in New York’s medical cannabis industry expressed mixed reactions to the failure to legalize this session, but shared hope for future reforms.

The development is a blow to the lobbyists and advocates who had wanted a more sweeping legalization agreement, which had stalled several times since the state budget talks.

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