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Colombia Legalizes Pot Smoking in Public – Full Legalization on the Cards

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Colombia Legalizes Pot Smoking in Public – Full Legalization on the Cards

For the last seven years, Colombia has decriminalized possession of minuscule amounts of marijuana and some other drugs, and for the last three, South America has legitimized medical marijuana. While home cultivation of one or two plants for personal use is permitted, recreational use remains in question.

In another major step for the most bountiful and resourceful country for growing marijuana, the legality and cost of production for the same is fairly uncertain. Columbia amounts to 25% of the total world cannabis export. This week, the Constitutional Court of Columbia has finally lifted the prohibition on public pot smoking, as per the L.A. Weekly.

Creating A ‘Fair And Reasonable Regulatory Regime’

This has been done so as to promote fair and regulated use of cannabis. The Constitutional Court has ruled that parts of the 2017 Police Code suggested by President Ivan Duque which had banned consumption of cannabis in public was unconstitutional and violates fundamental rights of citizens rather than protecting the safety of children and people.

This Code was enacted in 2017 when attempts were made to punish cannabis users even as medical marijuana became legal in the country according to Senator Gustavo Bolivar, a member of opposition. However, it is necessary to note that these rulings were made on the basis of legislative errors of technical nature rather than political will to make a change to existing law and order systems.

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