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OLED Switch coming for Apple Tablets and Laptop Displays

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OLED Switch coming for Apple Tablets and Laptop Displays

The upcoming iPad Pro and MacBookPro could potentially run on Organic Light Emitting Diode display as suggested by news reports from Asia. The shortfall of iPhone sales is to blame.

ETNews has reported that Apple owes penalties to Samsung for not purchasing iPhone displays which were to be bought according to plan. This penalty may be made good through orders in the future. This rumour does not come out of the blue, though, as there were some signs that Apple would begin using this particular technology for their new range of electronics such as the 16 inch MacBookPro, the iPad etc.

The model of the MacBookPro which was released last month was not a significant improvement from the previous one. The iPad, though, had been seen last in October, and a new model is due to be released before the end of the year.

Between both, the OLED and LCD display methods, no clear winner emerges. Both these technologies approach screen technology differently when the screen is lit up.

Advancement in manufacturing procedure in the recent past, both OLED and LCD can provide good screen quality with minor differences.

OLED emerged a winner with a small margin, offering deeper, richer colours and better brightness.

The advantage to LCD screens is that the cost of manufacturing them is smaller. This is the reason that OLED devices are all relatively smaller such as tablets etc. and also laptops and TV screens.

This is a leading cause for the cheaper cost of the iPhone XR than the 2018 versions of the phone. Will Apple disappoint, or will they choose the OLED way? Only time will tell.

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