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NWA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries To Open This Summer

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NWA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries To Open This Summer

The third dispensary of medical marijuana is now in business in the town of Clinton, Arkansas. The former Walton Boulevard Wine and Spirits store has been remodelled to imitate a Patient Center, also known as ‘The Source’. Eric Danielson, the co-owner of the dispensary said in an interview that he is excited to open the dispensary up, and looks forward to opening it up to the community.

He stated that the construction is slightly behind schedule as some delays were encountered when seeking permits to remodel from the city. Danielson also said that two of the three cultivators selling to them had been in the market for a while.

Eric Danielson is said to have spoken to harvesters in Osage Creek, and is in the know of the stage at which the harvest is as of now. By the time the dispensary opens up for business, he promises a wide variety of buds will be available from three cultivators.

Don Wicker, a holder of a marijuana ID card has not been able to purchase any cannabis even as he nears a year of being a holder. He said that he had to break the law in order to find marijuana to cure his chronic pain. He said that he did not want to become an addict of opioids and so sought out a natural pain reliever. Wicker travelled out of state to purchase his pot.

Though an opening date is not yet available, the dispensaries should be up and running by late summer. Three other dispensaries are set to open up in Northwest Arkansas, but no word on the dates of opening has been received.

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