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Commissioner Says Leagues to Move Away from the term ‘Owner’

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Commissioner Says Leagues to Move Away from the term ‘Owner’

Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA was quoted in an interview which was published on Monday saying that the league is now moving away from the term ‘owner’. He also said that owners are now to be referred to as governors. Silver was interviewed in New York where he mentioned that he is sensitive to the term ‘owner’. It was reported earlier that a few NBA teams had completely stopped using the term due to its racial insinuations, as the players are predominantly black.

Golden State Warriors forward player Draymond Green was also opposed to the term. Adam Silver was respectful of his opinion. He mentioned that some players felt exalted when Michael Jordan called himself owner of a team, and opinions on the racial undertones of the term varied.

A check on the staff directories of the NBA show that official websites of 15 organizations do not use the term owner.

 Whether or not the term will be expunged from NBA vocabulary is yet to be seen, but the progression of the organization and increased sensitivity to sentiments is appreciable.

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