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Microsoft’s Dual Screen Surface Might Be Equipped to Run Android Apps

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Microsoft's Dual Screen Surface Might Be Equipped to Run Android Apps

A secret new dial screen Surface device has been in the pipelines for Microsoft for months now. The tech giant has been dabbling in smaller pocket friendly devices as well, and it finally seems as if Microsoft may be settling on a larger Surface device which is due to release in 2020. HIS Markit, a market research firm, claims that this technology will have two 9 inch displays which will boast of a 4:3 aspect ratio.

The device which is known right now as Centaurus, is reportedly going to run Android applications as part of Microsoft’s new operating system – Windows Core OS. The WCOS has been under development as the underpinning for a lighter version of the Windows. The new system will help power dual screen devices and competitors of the Chromebook. The WCOS is a more stripped down and sober version of Windows operating system, and is being prioritized for Centaurus.

The addition of Android applications would come as a surprise to customers especially if it undermines the Universal Windows Platform. This will also require Windows to make its own Android App Store which will require developers to make modifications to their apps to allow them to work sans the Google Play Services. Huawei finds itself in a similar spot, where it needs to create an alternative Android application store. The efforts have not yet been successful on phones, and laptops seem a long way off.

HIS Markit also is a believer that Microsoft’s dual screen devices will be using Intel’s 10nm processors with LTE or 5G connectivity. Intel has also been pushing OEM’s to create dial-screen devices which would appear similar to the Microsoft Courier Concept and foldable display.

Microsoft recently showed a sneak peek of the Surface device during their internal event which invited employees only. This indicated their intention to release the product publically soon. Microsoft prefers to holds its Surface events in New York City, and a first look should be expected to take place in October.

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