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Interactive Kiosk Market: Worldwide Industry Analysis and New Market Opportunities Explored

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Interactive kiosks were first developed in 1977, which does not make them a completely new concept. However, the developments that have happened in the global interactive kiosk market over the recent past have put them in a league much ahead of what they were perhaps a decade ago. Being directly influenced by both consumer needs and technological developments, the global interactive kiosk market has become an integral part of most locations, businesses, and organizations where humans are in need of guidance or information.

Kiosks are designed in a way that allows the fastest way to transfer information to a user. A kiosk can also be used at times to conduct monetary transactions, such as an ATM. Both are considered standard functions for interactive kiosks. Additionally, a kiosk can also allow a user to join a group or be a part of a program, strategies that can help a company strengthen their market image and reach.

A wide array of information from various sources – recent and current – has been taken into consideration while drawing out the forecast for the global interactive kiosk market. The favorable drivers for the market are calculated using the current trends and expected demands of the market for the given forecast period. This includes player perspective as well as the strong consumer demands that may or may not show a steady increase. For a regional perspective, the global interactive kiosk market is explained by segregating it into the major geographical areas of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World. This allows the regional players to gain a deeper understanding of the global interactive kiosk market in their efforts to expand regionally and, if they choose to, globally.

Global Interactive Kiosk Market: Key Trends and Opportunities

A primary aim for most companies that make use of interactive kiosks is to improve their presence and/or product or services sales. This is reflecting well in the global interactive kiosk market, as its growth is directly proportional to the increasing demand for better information dissemination methods. Therefore, the growth of the global interactive kiosk market for the given forecast period will be based on the ability of the kiosks to dispense information or material, or conduct transactions in the fastest possible time. This will allow the kiosks to reduce waiting time for users and thus increase the number of users that approach it over time. This follows the principles of most data presentation services, where time is of the essence and information must be relayed effectively and rapidly.

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The purpose of the kiosk is also critical in determining the overall success of the global interactive kiosk market. Interactive kiosks are used largely by industries and government bodies, with marketing companies and others also taking up shares in the market. Government deployed kiosks, such as those by the government of the U.K., involve multiple purposes. These range from communication to helping the unemployed find jobs. Alternatively, the U.S. has also made use of interactive kiosks as a tool for immigration analytics. People are supposed to register in these kiosks whenever they enter or exit the country.

Other factors of segmentation in the global interactive kiosk market include industry types, kiosk types, and kiosk components. Software and hardware are the two major segments of kiosk components. Kiosk types include vending machines, check-in kiosks, ATMs, photo counters, and coin and currency counters. The interactive kiosks find uses in the industries of retail, banking, hospitality, entertainment, government, and others.

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The future of the global interactive kiosk market involves the improvement of several components of the market’s internal environment, including sales and marketing, research and development, consideration of end users, and post-sales services.

Global Interactive Kiosk Market: Key Players

The global interactive kiosk market incorporates a large spectrum of target audiences, and therefore needs a significant amount of customization. These customizations allow the faster functioning of the kiosks for the end users. The target audience includes ODMs, universities, software providers and suppliers, ICT end users, and system integrators. Some of the key players in the global interactive kiosk market are Phoenix Kiosk, Inc., IBM Corp., KIOSK Information Systems, Inc., and IER SAS.

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