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SCADA Market for Water and Wastewater Treatment Market Thrives on Increased Water Scarcity

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In a competitive global SCADA market for water and wastewater treatment market, well-established market players are focused on the expansion of their product portfolio and global footprint to serve a large base of customers.

Growing incidences of water scarcity is pushing for increased investment in infrastructure for water and wastewater, which would fuel the global SCADA market for water and wastewater management market.

Additionally, growing complexities in the maintenance and management of water and wastewater facilities are further escalating the demand for SCADA systems.

Dominance of SCADA Services Segment to Witness Impressive Growth

The benefits of increased efficiency in wastewater management are many and those advantages are fuelling the global SCADA market for water and wastewater treatment market. Various governments who have undertaken initiatives for technology-based processes for wastewater management leverage these attributes. Regulatory framework for monitoring and controlling water and wastewater services has been formulated.

The global SCADA market for water and wastewater management market is divided into hardware, software, and services segments, as per component classification. It is estimated that the market is likely to experience the dominance of services in the years to come. The services segment occupied more than 55% of the total market share in 2016. This is primarily because of increasing demand for SCADA system for a bunch of applications, out of which maintenance and support services, consulting services, and installation services are the noteworthy ones.

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During the period of the forecast, the services segment is likely to display a remarkable growth. This is due to the increasing employment of SCADA system for real time data monitoring across industries in the developing countries. The growing acceptance of process automation across a bunch of industry verticals is further triggering the growth of the services segment of the market.

On the other hand, design complexities together with high installation cost are restricting the adoption of SCADA systems.

Nevertheless, the major market players are pinning their hopes on emerging countries and this is expected to augment growth of the market over the course of forecast period.

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